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Dr. Amanie Abdelmessih Profile

It is true that many students don’t get to know many engineering majors as their classes are always in Cebula Hall instead of Old Main. What many students also don’t know is that Cebula Hall houses the office of Dr. Amanie Abdelmessih, Mechanical Engineering professor and researcher for NASA. Continue reading

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SMU gets bus passes

On February 1, transportation for Saint Martin’s University undergraduate students got a lot easier. Now, SMU has joined Evergreen State College and South Puget Sound Community College (SPSCC) in a deal with Thurston County’s public transportation provider, Intercity Transit. Students are now able to use their Saint Martin’s identification card as a bus pass to catch a ride anywhere from the Westfield Mall in Olympia to SeaTac. Continue reading

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Recently Fr. Kilian let me borrow a Saint Martin’s student newspaper that he found when he was cleaning out some old files. The paper was yellowed and ripped at the folds, dating back to April 4, 1941. I was amazed that he still had a copy of what was then The Martian, and was even more surprised that he let me borrow such a treasure. Headlines included a story about KGY, the first radio station in Lacey that originated on the Saint Martin’s campus, as well as the Seattle Mothers’ Club planning Saint Martin’s annual dance. Inside stories included questions of whether Hitler could invade America, and sports news about how Johnny “Pretty Kitty” Katica was all-conference choice for the second year in a row for the Saint Martin’s basketball team. Continue reading

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Faculty Cuts

As Patrick Young said, the trouble with weather forecasting is that it’s right too often for us to ignore, and wrong too often for us to rely on it. When forecasts say it will be sunny, we dress warm. Yet, every so often, a storm comes that we couldn’t predict. Saint Martin’s University seems to be experiencing a similar rainy day. Continue reading

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Dr. Werrett Profile

With his impeccable sense of style and charming aroma of David Beckham’s new scent, Dr. Ian Werrett inspires students at Saint Martin’s University to look their best for class. However, that is not all he inspires. Continue reading

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Baristas Gone Wild

The River Ridge High School handbook states that students may not wear clothing that is “sexually suggestive,” that clothing must cover stomachs, backs, shoulders, chests and undergarments, and shorts skirts and dresses must be below mid-thigh. Students who do not follow these guidelines are asked to change, cover up, or even go home. However, across the street, students are exposed to “Body Shots” café, featuring girls that don’t exactly follow the same Continue reading

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